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Thinking of Renting?

Thinking of Renting?

With a host of agents advertising on the web, high street and outside homes, it is difficult to distinguish the best from the rest.

Let us help you look for that perfect property and answer those nagging questions.

Liv International have carefully prepared an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to help simplify the letting process and ensure you have every stage covered. Our consultants would be happy to provide further details on request.

Register your property requirements with us so we have a clear idea of your ideal property.

Start viewing properties with one of our experienced negotiators - we recommend booking early viewings to secure a property. Be sure to ask questions and provide feedback to enable us to tailor your search to your exact needs.


Make an offer on your ideal property which is within your budget. At this time, we will do a reference check and forward your information to the landlord for your offer to be accepted.

Rental Price - Can I Afford It?

You need to check out what rentals prices are like in the area you are going to move to. Initially do a search on the Internet and then work out your budgets. Many agents and landlords use a credit search company for referencing now. Please also note the rental formula for monthly rent is normally calculated by multiplying the weekly rent by the 52 weeks in the year, dividing by the 12 months in the year – i.e £500 per week (X) 52 weeks (/) 12 months = £2,166.67 monthly rent.

Sign tenancy agreement and pay deposit.

If the landlord accepts your offer, both you and the landlord will sign the relevant paperwork, binding you into the contract. You will pay your first month’s rent in advance and your deposit (usually equivalent to 1 to 6 months rent).

Inventory check.

This is only applicable if the tenant, the landlord or both parties agree to pay for the inventory. Here a list is drawn up agreeing to the contents of the property and what condition they are in. You will need to sign this before you check-in and both you and the landlord will get a copy.


You get your keys and move into your new home!

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